Production and Assembly of Circuits

printed circuit board layout and production demands the ability to meet high standards of quality production and assembly, and tight deadlines while maintaining fair and competitive prices.

Michmas Electronics produces and assembles printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies for dozens of customers in the military, aerospace, medical and civilian industries such as: Intel Corp., Cisco (NDS), Elbit Systems and more. We produce prototypes and pre-production series as well as medium and large series. Our customers enjoy a high level of quality, flexibility to incorporate changes, quick production times and hands-on professional supervision up until delivery of an inspected and approved product.


  • We are committed to quick ‘Time to Market’ and pride ourselves on ensuring prompt on-schedule delivery, while placing a strong emphasis on overseeing the entire production process.
  • Competitive pricing targeted to your needs.
  • Production in Israel and abroad.
  • Class 3 manufacturing level (our manufacturers are AS9100 certified).
  • IPC-A-610-F acceptability.
  • Flexibility concerning component purchase: customers may acquire the components themselves or Michmas Electronics will gladly provide this service, in full or partially.
  • Consultation services aimed at optimizing efficiency, reducing production costs and increasing yield.
  • Emphasis on production management in order to prevent delays in the production process and ensure on-schedule delivery.

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