Defense and Aerospace Industries

Michmas Electronics is proud to be an active partner in the defense and aerospace industry. Our customers include Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Elbit Systems, Pearls of Wisdom, Rokar (BAE Systems) and others. The meticulous high level of products essential for this field demands from us unwavering quality, punctuality and competitiveness to meet their requirements.

Our mission is to contribute to the increased competitiveness of companies in the fields of defense and space who are engaged in a wide range of the knowledge intensive industry. We accomplish this by offering high quality, cutting edge and competitive services required for development and production. These services include reliable design, engineering, manufacture and support, for electronic systems that provide operational control, monitoring, communication and information exchange, in the military /defense environment and in the highly precise and rigorous environment of aviation and spaceflight.

We bring a competitive advantage to our customers in the areas of defense and aerospace by improved ‘Time to Market’ (TTM), maximum flexibility in design and production stages of prototypes and high efficiency in serial production. We are leaders in quality, technologies, management of the supply chain and lean manufacturing (LM) principles. At Michmas Electronics we are, and always have been, rigorously careful about ensuring a high level of quality, reliability and cost reduction.

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