Electronic Board Design

In Michmas Electronics we bear always in mind that we must assist our customers to win in the competitive environment. Our board design engineers achieve this through their vision with of the overall product, directed by marketing times and production costs requirements as well as additional constraints.

The accumulated engineering experience at Michmas Electronics and integrative work style ensures that we can find creative solutions to any challenge. This skill is reflected in our finding quick efficient solutions that balance between conflicting requirements while taking into account fair planning costs for our customers. Board design is implemented from an overall product vision with the goal towards providing our customers with a comprehensive solution including hardware, software and mechanics.

Our Electronic Board Design includes:

  • Quick circuits and high speed design– digital, analog and combined circuits. Various digital communication circuits, video circuits, implementation of image processing algorithms.
  • Design of CPLD/FPGA from a variety of manufacturers and types, meeting a wide range of needs.
  • Sensory circuits, biological signals, circuits with especially low current consumption and/or exceptional environmental conditions.
  • RF integrated circuits –cellular communications, GPS, ISM.
  • Power circuits, high voltage circuits, motor control, motion accuracy, process control, climate control.
  • Mechanical engineering, packaging and heat dissipation.
  • Component engineering
  • Civil, industrial, medical and military electronics that comply with the relevant standards and requirements specified by each field.

Board design can be carried out as part of a complete engineering project, as separate piece, and /or as a full Turnkey project.

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