PCB Board Layout

The Michmas Electronics layout team has extensive experience in pcb board layout and manufacturing for military, medical and civilian industries. Our work is carried out while maintaining close contact with circuit designers who are readily available and oversee that the work is done accurately and thoroughly.

We operate two layout centers in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. If required the layout design can be carried out at customer’s site.

Our layout team specializes in ALTIUM, CADENCE, MENTOR and P-CAD software, with expertise in dense circuitry, flexible and rigid-flex circuits, height limitations, high frequency fast signal circuits, as well as digital and analog-digital circuits.

We provide all the necessary files for production and assembly of a card, and IPC files to check the circuit against the NETLIST during production. In addition we perform a backup assessment of the manufacturing process with the circuit producer and supply PDF files for all layers.

Benefits of using Michmas Electronics

  • Methodical and precise work
  • Circuit design takes into account the final product and its implications
  • Experienced layout staff with expertise in board development and layout
  • Highly proficient in adapting the electrical schematic diagram to the layout and production constraints based on international regulations.
  • Identifying problems during the design and layout phases and providing feedback to customers, thereby helping to avoid problems in later stages of circuit production and assembly.

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