IMG_4119Project Name : APS3
Customer- INTEL Corp.
Product Description –Support equipment for developers using Intel platforms to assist in signal monitoring and control.
Implementation– ‘Build to print’, full TurnKey product combines PCB and component acquisition, electronic and mechanical assembly, QA, packaging and shipping to Intel’s various sites and development partners around the world.
Production Quantity – Thousands of units per year.

Project Name: Master 9
Customer – AMPI
Product Description – Instrument for stimulating tissues for biological and medical labs (SPGA and Touch Screen based).
Implementation– ‘Build to spec.’ This project was implemented by Michmas Electronics as a Full Turnkey, starting from project design and development to board layout, mechanical design, PCB and component acquisition, electronic and mechanic circuit assembly and shipping to the customer.
Production Quantity – Hundreds of units per year.

IMG_2548Project Name: MOSP 3000

Customer – Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) – Tamam

Product Description: Electronic testing equipment for optical-electronic airborne systems which enables easy field and laboratory maintenance.
Implementation– ‘Build to spec.’ electronic layout design, mechanical design, wiring, production and assembly.
Production Quantity – Three units.



2Project Name: IR Landing and anti-collision Lights

Customer – Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) – Lahav Accessories
Product Description – Helicopter landing lights.
Implementation– This project was implemented as a Full Turnkey from electrical design stage to serial production.
Production Quantity –Hundreds of units per year.



Project Name: 4Smart Card Switcher

Customer – CISCO (NDS)
Product Description: A device enabling authorization by a combination of up to four different smart cards.
Implementation: Board layout, PCB and component acquisition, mechanical design and processing, assembly, software programing and electrical testing.
Production Quantity: Hundreds of units per year.


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